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About SightReach Surgical®

The International Eye Foundation established SightReach Surgical® to help provide quality low-cost equipment and supplies for eye care and surgery based on the philosophy that increased access to affordable quality products will reduce ophthalmologists' costs and allow them to price their services more affordably, increasing access to sight restorative cataract surgery to a wider proportion of the population.

We focus on providing crucial cataract surgical supplies, traditionally the most expensive components of cataract surgery. We will expand our product list to include other items difficult to obtain locally, depending upon demand and cost. Learn more about our core values in the SRS Mission Statement.

To browse the current inventory of SRS ophthalmic equipment and supplies, visit our online catalogue (accessible from our navigation bar at the top of our site) or use the Catalog Quick Links at left.

Read about the SRS Advantage to discover why busy doctors and clinicians across the globe prefer to purchase their equipment and supplies through SRS. [ SRS Mission ]