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SRS Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SightReach Surgical® a for-profit business?

No, SRS is a social interest program of the International Eye Foundation. the International Eye Foundation in a non-profit international charity (see IEF home page for details).

2. How can SRS sell for less than for-profit companies?

Similar to for-profit ophthalmic equipment companies, SRS applies for distributorship with ophthalmic equipment manufacturers around the world. As a distributor for the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we receive a discount on the purchases from the manufacturer.

The International Eye Foundation has been serving the needs of the ophthalmic community in the developing world since 1961. In 2001, IEF created SightReach Surgical® to be a trusted partner to eye care providers in the developing world by helping them acquire low-cost, high quality ophthalmic supplies and equipment. This strategy helps extend your budget and allows you to serve a higher volume of patients while still saving money.

3. Can I buy from the manufacturers directly and save money?

We do not have the ability to track sales offered by other distributors or manufacturers. But in rare instances, you may be able to purchase items directly from the manufacturer or from a for-profit distributor for the same or lower price than ours. This can happen if we do not have a distributorship arrangement with the manufacturer of the equipment you require, or if there are sales on items by the manufacturer or a distributor. Our mission is to offer you the lowest prices. If we know a source is selling an item you are requesting at a lower price, we will direct you to this source. In many instances, the customer prefers to deal with SRS for reasons of trust and convenience.

4. Are the products sold by SRS approved by the FDA?

SRS is committed to offering only quality equipment and products. Many of the items are FDA approved; other items carry the European CE mark. Products that are FDA exempt will frequently not carry an FDA approval or a CE mark. In general, we prefer to sell items that have FDA approval or carry the CE mark. We will purchase many items on the international market, upon request, where manufacturers have not gone through the expensive process of receiving FDA approval.

In the event that a customer requests an item that does not carry either the FDA or CE mark, we make this information explicitly clear to the buyer.

5. Can I buy products from SRS for use in the United States?

No, we do not sell for use inside the United States.

6. Does SRS make money on these sales?

Yes, we add a small mark-up to the price of the products we sell to cover our operating expenses.

7. Who can purchase from SRS?

Anyone can purchase from us if the product is intended for use outside the United States. If you are purchasing equipment or products that you want to have delivered to an address within the United States, you will be asked to provide an assurance/proof that the items are intended for use outside the United States.

8. Can I use a credit card to purchase from SRS?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

9. Can I purchase something that is not included in the catalog?

Yes, we welcome requests for products not included in the catalog. Our mission is to serve the needs of the ophthalmic community in the developing world. If you need a product, we will attempt to find a low-cost source for a high-quality product. Send us a request at suggestions.srs@iefusa.org.

10. Can I trust SRS?

Yes, SRS is a program of the International Eye Foundation. IEF has been serving the needs of the ophthalmic community in the developing world since 1961 and has a long and honorable history.

11. What is the easiest way to contact SRS?

The easiest and most reliable way to contact SRS is by email. You can request a quote through our online catalog or by writing us directly. [ Contact Us ]

12. What if I do not know the best manufacturer or model to suit my needs?

Send us an email describing the equipment you need, the circumstances under which you will be using the equipment, and the budget you have to purchase the products. We will be happy to make recommendations. As a non-profit, we will recommend the best combination of cost and quality for your needs. [ Contact Us ]

13. Does SRS sell used/donated equipment?

No. We have found we can sell new equipment for the same price or for less than it would cost to provide reliable used equipment. With used equipment you must contend with additional shipping costs, expired warranties, the low availability of parts and accessories, and the cost of refurbishing used equipment. There are always rare exceptions.

For additional information on the advantages of buying from SightReach Surgical®, read the SRS Advantage in our About SRS section. [ Site Map ]