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The SightReach Surgical® Mission

SightReach Surgical® is a social enterprise of the International Eye Foundation dedicated to reducing the cost of ophthalmic products in the developing world. SightReach Surgical® will sell quality ophthalmic instruments, equipment and supplies, increasing access and affordability for eye care providers and hospitals in developing countries.


  • SightReach Surgical® strives to reduce the cost of materials and expand services to reach more and more people in need, and provide a quality option to ophthalmic care providers whose product choices and pricing have been thus far limited.
  • SightReach Surgical® only offers products that have FDA or CE marks and that are utilized as part of accepted medical and ophthalmic practice.
  • SightReach Surgical® is committed to developing strong and supportive partnerships with its manufacturers, distributors and customers with honesty and good faith at the core of all dealings.

2. Lower-cost supplies = increased patient volume

  • Saving on ophthalmic supplies can help you provide more competitively-priced service, increase patient volume, and make eye care accessible to a wider range of the population.
  • You can receive great satisfaction in providing sight to those who otherwise could not afford eye care services.

Read about the SRS Advantage to discover why busy doctors and clinicians across the globe prefer to purchase their equipment and supplies through SRS, or view our online catalog (accessible from our navigation bar at the top of our site) or use the Catalog Quick Links at left. [ Why SRS? ]