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Ordering From SightReach Surgical®

SightReach Surgical® provides quality low-cost ophthalmic products and equipment for eye care and surgical treatment in developing nations around the globe. [ Instrucciones En Español ]

To order From SRS, follow this simple 3-Step Process:

1. You Create A Quote Request Online

  • Browse our online catalog to identify the ophthalmic products that may interest you. For our current product list, click on "Catalog" in the navigation bar, or use the expandable menu to the left (SRS Catalog Quick Links), which offers immediate and direct access to the items within each of those categories.
  • Add products to your online quote request form.
  • Add your personal information and submit the quote electronically.

2. We Verify Pricing

    • Upon submitting your quote request, you will receive an email confirming your request. Within a few days a representative from our office will contact you to provide prices for your quote request, verify any outstanding questions, or answer any of your questions.

3. You Pay For Your Order

  • You pay for your products after we have responded to your quote request. We accept many forms of payment, including cash, checks, credit cards, and bank transfers. To view details about payment terms, and where to send payment, please see our payment terms and conditions.

For additional information on the advantages of buying from SightReach Surgical®, read the SRS Advantage in our About SRS section. [ FAQ ]