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The SightReach Surgical® Advantage: Help Fight Blindness Worldwide

By supporting SRS, IEF is able to implement sight saving programs in developing countries.

Why Should You Purchase From SRS?

1. High quality world-class manufacturers at a low cost

  • Quality products preferred by leading ophthalmologists and hospitals
  • Products with ISO certification, CE Mark, and/or FDA approval
  • Prices significantly lower than those available to you in your local markets

2. Lower-cost supplies = increased patient volume

  • Saving on ophthalmic supplies can help you provide more competitively-priced service, increase patient volume, and make eye care accessible to a wider range of the population.
  • You can receive great satisfaction in providing sight to those who otherwise could not afford eye care services.

3. An extensive selection

  • Medical, diagnostic and surgical supplies and equipment (refer to menu at left)
  • Special diagnostic, surgical and treatment kits to meet your surgery needs

Learn more about our core values in the SRS Mission Statement, or view our online catalogue (accessible from our navigation bar at the top of our site) or use the Catalog Quick Links at left.[ SRS Mission ]