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SIGHTREACH® SURGICAL is a program of the International Eye Foundation, a non-profit international charity. We sell ophthalmic products only for use outside of the United States. We offer a wide range of ophthalmic equipment and supplies at vastly reduced costs to clinicians and physicians in developing nations around the globe. Below you'll find links to the categories of currently available SRS products and throughout this site, the expandable menu at left (SRS Catalog Quick Links) offers immediate and direct access to the items within each of those categories. Visit our Help section for more information about using our online catalog and quoting system, or contact us for further information about product availability. [ About SRS ]

Multi Target Stereo Test; 4437
SRS Product ID: 4437

Multi Target Stereo Test
This is a versatile new test providing the broadest range of familiar stereo tests in one book.
Random Dot: Provides three levels of depth perception
Random Dot Letter 'E': Includes test letter and a blank for quick stereopsis evaluation
Stereo Numbers: Provide six levels of stereopsis testing from 526 down to 28 seconds of arc
Random Dot Figures: Provide three levels of results.
Suppression Targets: Multiple targets included
Fixation Disparity Targets: Included
ESO and EXO Binocular Rings: Included


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