Caira Grey-Johnson, MBA

International Eye Foundation

Program Manager

A native of The Gambia, Caira Grey-Johnson has more than 8 years of experience leading and supporting cross-functional teams within small and large non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad to deliver successful donor-funded projects (UN, Global Fund, USAID, Foreign Government, KfW, Helen Keller, Bill and Melinda Gates).

For 4 years, Caira developed and managed her consultancy; bidding and winning jobs in the International Development space, focused on various interventions which include: 1) Efforts to close disparities in healthcare access, 2) Hunger and starvation interventions, 3) Women’s Rights, Child Rights advocacy, 4) Migration and displacements interventions, 5) Empowering disabled populations through sports, 6) Civil Reintegration and Care for Wounded U.S Veterans, 7) Campaign for the end of HIV/TB/Malaria, to name a few.

Caira earned a dual Bachelor of Science Degree from Shepherd University in Accounting Economics in 2009 and a Master’s in Business Administration in 2015. She has recently completed her course for the Certificate in Professional Project Management in 2023. She brings to IEF her wide experience of liaising with Program stakeholders, both public and private sectors, around meeting stakeholder needs and ensuring value-add throughout project phases. With her work, she wants to contribute to improved access to quality care for disadvantaged communities.

She loves the outdoors and learning about new cultures around the world. She is fluent in Krio, Wolof, and English. She is enthusiastic about her work in International Development and is looking forward to continuing to contribute her fair share to improving lives, one program at a time. Caira is a proud mother of one.