The Department of State’s Agency for International Development presents a Commendation to the International Eye Foundation, Inc.

Dr. J.H. King receives a signed letter from President Richard Nixon congratulating him on IEF’s 10th anniversary.

Between the founding of the International Eye Bank in 1961 to 1971, 323 fellowships had been provided (170 from the US to other countries and 153 from other countries to the US), 43 visiting professors and surgeons and 21 teaching teams were supported, 2,012 fresh corneas and 4,034 preserved corneas have been provided to 55 countries, and 29 affiliate eye banks have been established in 29 countries.

BANGLADESH: Kathie Burkhard, COT, a Georgetown University trained Ophthalmic Technician establishes an ophthalmic nurse training program in the capital Dhaka.

EGYPT: IEF facilitates an exchange program 1971-1979 between US Navy ophthalmology residents training in San Diego and ophthalmologists in Egypt.

HAITI: 1970’s through the 1980’s, IEF coordinates a volunteer program rotating ophthalmologists from Yale and Georgetown Universities every three months to serve in eye clinics in Haiti.


Dr. Larry Schwab in Ethiopia with a patient

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