WHO Geneva:  IEF is the first eye care NGO to be accepted into “official relations” with the World Health Organization (WHO), the health arm of the United Nations.

GRENADA:  Dr. May Khadem is posted by IEF to the General Hospital Eye Clinic in St. Georges 1985-1987. Funded by USAID, the project builds eye care services from the ground up including training an ophthalmologist from Grenada in collaboration with ophthalmologists from Barbados, establishes a school screening program, trains nurses to identify patients with cataract and glaucoma, initiates a micro-surgery program for the first time, and introduces intra-ocular lenses for surgery.  

MALAWI:  Dr. Baxter McLendon is posted by IEF to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Ministry of Health in Blantyre 1985-1988.

SAUDI ARABIA:  IEF designs and conducts the first major, countrywide blindness prevalence survey for the Kingdom in collaboration with local ophthalmologists Dr. Khaled Tabara and Dr. Akef El-Maghraby.  The two-year survey and results are used to plan public eye health strategies to target specific diseases, especially trachoma.

ST. LUCIA:  Dr. Roy Wilson is posted by IEF to the Victoria Hospital Eye Clinic in the capital Castries in the Caribbean 1985-1986.


1985 WHO HQ Building Geneva

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