CAMEROON:  IEF pioneers the first community-based Mectizan® distribution program in South Province.

CHILE:  A grant is provided by IEF to the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago to support and equip a new pediatric eye clinic with funds from IEF’s Carrigan Endowment.

ERITREA:  IEF establishes a USAID-funded Child Survival Program in North-East Province where infant mortality rates are high and immunization coverage is low following the disastrous 30-year civil war with Ethiopia.  Unfortunately, the program was closed because the Eritrean government asked all NGOs to leave the country. The program was transferred to Ethiopia in 1994.

MALAWI:  IEF establishes the first Mectizan distribution program to control onchocerciasis in the Thyolo Highlands.


Oncocercosis elderly couple in Yepocapa

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