IEF Announces Partnership with Freewill: Introducing "Smart Giving"

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued community. The International Eye Foundation (IEF) is entering a promising new chapter in our mission to prevent blindness by increasing families' access to services and building hospital capacity, and we are eager to bring you on this journey with us.

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What is "Smart Giving"

In our continued effort to innovate and provide our supporters with the best possible experiences, we introduce "Smart Giving". The concept is simple yet profound: to offer our donors smart, efficient, and impactful ways to contribute, ensuring their generosity leaves a lasting legacy.

With the global rise of tech-savvy philanthropy, it is only fitting that IEF embraces modern solutions. By collaborating with Freewill, we are integrating cutting-edge tools that simplify the giving process, making it easier than ever for donors to support our mission.

How Freewill Enhances the Giving Experience

Freewill has garnered a reputation for revolutionizing the charitable sector by offering unique, intuitive, and user-friendly platforms for donors. Their expertise in leveraging technology to enhance philanthropic efforts aligns perfectly with IEF's vision of a world without avoidable blindness.

Through our collaboration with Freewill, donors can:

  • Plan their giving in advance: Instead of one-time donations, supporters can now strategize their contributions, ensuring they align with their financial goals and long-term plans.

  • Optimize tax benefits: With smart tools that help donors understand and maximize tax deductions, every contribution is not just a gift to IEF but also a financially savvy move.

  • Leave a legacy: Donors have the option to include IEF in their wills, ensuring that their vision of a brighter, more accessible world continues even after they are gone.

IEF’s Vision Enhanced by "Smart Giving"

The programs facilitated by IEF have always been at the forefront of preventing blindness worldwide. With funds raised through Smart Giving, we can:

  • Expand existing programs: Our current projects, which have shown remarkable success, can be scaled up, reaching more individuals in need.

  • Invest in research: By funding cutting-edge research, we can discover newer, more effective methods to combat visual impairments and related challenges.

  • Collaborate globally: Funds will enable us to partner with more international medical facilities, pooling resources, and knowledge to make a more significant impact.

A Call to Our Community

Our partnership with Freewill is not just an evolution of our fundraising; it is a call to our supporters to reimagine what their contributions can achieve. Through Smart Giving, each donor becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for countless individuals awaiting the gift of sight.

For those who have been with us over the years and those who have recently joined our mission, this partnership promises a more enriched, seamless, and impactful giving experience. Our combined efforts with Freewill ensure that every dollar donated is not just a fleeting gesture but a permanent stamp in our collective fight against blindness.

The International Eye Foundation's partnership with Freewill marks a pivotal moment in our journey. Through "Smart Giving", we offer smarter ways to donate and ensure that each contribution makes a lasting difference.

If you have ever considered supporting IEF, now is the perfect time. With Smart Giving, your generosity does not just touch lives – it reshapes futures. Join us in our renewed mission, where every act of giving echoes indefinitely, helping us inch closer to a world free from the darkness of avoidable blindness.

Thank you for being an integral part of this transformative chapter. Together, we are redefining what giving means, one smart decision at a time.