IEF Supports 2019 Vision and Eye Health Campaign

IEF is proud to announce that we recently worked with Health Awareness on the 2019 Vision and Eye Health campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the Guardian newspaper and the content is available online at and is also available in an online printable version here. The campaign featured exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices about the importance of eye health and how to safeguard your sight.

Eye health is critical for maintaining your sight. Many people in our world lack access to treatment and basic necessities such as eyeglasses or even routine eye exams. It takes all of us to make the difference in the mission to prevent blindness.

Visit the site to read important topics such as medical updates on glaucoma, the role of your optometrist, one of the most common eye conditions no-one has heard of, the future of eyedrops, important vision procedures, and much more!

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